Preschool Drop Off: The Bane of My Existence

Hello! I’m back! After researching my options and talking to some really smart people I’m back to blogging and couldn’t be more happy about it. I’ve realized again why I do this. I love sharing our life with you, it makes me happy to record the daily happenings of our life this way. If I didn’t write down the funny little stuff that happens on a daily basis, I wouldn’t be able to look back in a few years and remember those things.

Let me tell you a little story about today, for example: There are few things in my life that cause more stress than dropping Ruby off at Preschool. We can’t leave some kids in the car while we take one inside, which is unfortunate. Ruby’s classroom is down a flight of stairs, which is also unfortunate because I can’t take my stroller. Picture me parking my van, climbing into the back seat to unbuckle Ruby and Clara then getting Charlie’s huge car seat out of the other side of the van. I’ve got Charlie’s seat in the crook of my left elbow while I hold Clara’s hand with my right hand. Ruby holds Clara’s other hand… except that Clara is 2, so she doesn’t want to hold anyone’s hand… so I’m mostly dragging her by one arm across the parking lot into the school gate.

Once we are through the gate (which Clara opened and closed for us “I want to do it myself!!”) we have to walk through the playground to the door of the preschool. Clara is 2, so she wants to play, not “pass” the playground. The dragging by one arm continues except now you can add a high-pitched and extremely loud and continuous scream to the equation. (Clara screams equally loud if her finger gets cut off or if you make her put the lid back on her marker.)

Once we make it past the playground and thru the door we walk down the hall, down a flight of stairs, then down to the end of another hall to get to Ruby’s classroom. Clara is so excited to see all the fun activities set out on the tables in Ruby’s class. I don’t blame her for wanting to stay and play, but she’s not in preschool yet so she has to go home with me. Ruby hangs up her backpack and puts her attendance name tag on the wall. This is the part where you’d think the story was over. Ruby is in her classroom, right? Wrong. The 4 year olds start their day back upstairs and outside on the playground.

The arm dragging/screaming continues as the 4 of us slowly make our way back out in the hall, up the stairs down another hall and out the door to the playground. You can add to Clara’s screaming some confused crying from Charlie, who by this point cannot figure out what in the world is taking so long and why so much screaming is happening. Ruby meets her teacher on the playground and I drag Clara with my right hand while I carry Charlie’s car seat (which seems to be 10 pounds heavier since we got out of the van) back thru the gate, across the parking lot and back into the van.

It’s exhausting. I do not look forward to the days when pouring rain, driving snow, and bitter cold weather is added to the process.

How was your morning?

See? In a few years I’ll probably get a kick our of remembering how difficult it was to drop of my kid at preschool. If I didn’t blog it, I wouldn’t remember it as well and you wouldn’t get to chuckle at my ridiculousness.


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