Charlie is 4 Months Old!

IMG_5293Charlie had his 4-month checkup today and is a whopping 14 pounds of man-child. When I arrived at his appointment this morning the receptionist, while looking at his chart said, “I see here that Charlie goes by the name ‘Ruby’?” Ha! I cleared up the misunderstanding explaining that Ruby is his sister and he goes by “Charlie”. That could’ve been awkward

He’s been spending time on his tummy each day, but usually only last a few minutes before flipping himself over to his back. I caught him practicing his “Super Hero In Flight” pose.


He always looks a little terrified when Clara is within an arms reach of him… I don’t blame him – her love is extreme. She always wants to give him hugs and kisses and likes to throw toys to him. The fact that he can’t catch does not deter her… most of my time and energy is spent protecting Charlie from Clara’s love. She sits beside his chair and “reads” him books each day, which is the one time I’m not worried about his safety. ha!


Ruby likes to help Charlie when he is crying. She will sit beside him when he’s screaming and sing him a song while covering both her ears. Amazingly, once he realizes she is singing he calms down. She’s a good big sister.


Charlie’s little chuckle is probably my favorite thing ever. He’s quick to smile and responds to sounds and faces with similar sounds and faces. He’s drooley and squishy and smiley and I love him so much.Charlie and Amber

He LOVES his daddy. Whenever Ryan is around Charlie is looking for him or at him. When Ryan talks to him it makes him so happy. I love getting to watch their father/son relationship starting to bud.


2 thoughts on “Charlie is 4 Months Old!

  1. I love the picture of Clara with Charlie. That made me chuckle. 🙂 Isn’t there something awesome about the special bond that you have with your son?! He’s adorable!

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