Happy Halloween

IMG_5552Ryan and I helped the girls carve their pumpkins a few days before Halloween. Clara added some coloring to hers and Ruby organized the seeds from inside. IMG_5529IMG_5515

Charlie happily watched the carving process. I’m sure by this time next year he’ll be our best helper getting the “gooey guts” out.IMG_5532

It was pouring rain on Halloween night, but that didn’t deter the trick-or-treating excitement one bit!

They got all dressed up, got their candy bags ready, and sat on the front porch waiting for their daddy to get home.


Ruby did most of the talking. Clara was happy to let people put candy in her bag, but talking to them was not on her agenda. ha! Charlie was a trooper. I tried to keep him under the umbrella but the wind was blowing the rain sideways, so he basically got a bath while we were out there. The spit up down the front of his carrier is a nice touch, eh?photo-96

We were all soaked and a little bit chilly after making it to the end of our street and back, but everyone was happy!IMG_5684

There weren’t many trick-or treaters on our street, so the girls stood at the door waiting and waiting …and waiting for more kids to come by. Maybe next year they’ll get to hand out more candy.IMG_5698


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