Family Zoo Day

A couple of Saturdays ago we had a Family Zoo Day. Ryan didn’t have to work, so we got up in the morning, packed a picnic lunch and made our way to the Columbus Zoo. The weather was cool and lovely, but the local meteorologist predicted freezing rain, so we pretty much had the whole zoo to ourselves.


I have a major life goal for my kids to meet Jack Hanna before we move in June. Every time I’m at the zoo I’m on the lookout for The Man in Khaki. If anyone knows him or knows a way for me to meet him and tell him how much we love his zoo, please let me know!

IMG_5765 IMG_5772

The brown bears are bulking up for the winter. It’s fun to see them getting fatter every time we are here… soon they’ll be hibernating.


Big news, both of our Polar Bears are suspected to be pregnant!! The zookeepers should know for sure really soon – all I know is that they’ve been taken to a special location so we don’t get to see them until their babies are born in the spring. I cannot wait! This was the last polar bear picture we got.polarbear

How gorgeous was this tree? It looked pretend, so I had to take a picture before all the leaves fell off.


Here’s Clara enjoying the chocolate cupcake she chose to bring from her Halloween candy bag. She was so excited to find icing inside.


In closing, here’s Ruby sitting on a toadstool.IMG_5796


3 thoughts on “Family Zoo Day

  1. Anytime, Amber! The next time you’re in Florida, you should head over this way. I know you have family nearby, so you could plan an afternoon in the Tampa area. I think you would love Busch Gardens. πŸ™‚

  2. You take such great pictures. I love the polar bear one.

    My Jack Hanna goal is for Phil to fill his shoes someday. I know that’s crazy, but crazier things have happened. πŸ™‚ He’s worked with Jack before (at Busch), and he just did an interview with Bindi Irwin. Don’t know that he has any connections for you to meet him, but that would be fantastic. πŸ™‚

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