Clara’s 2nd Birthday

IMG_1250May 5th we celebrated our little Clara girl’s 2nd birthday. I can’t believe how fast the first 2 years of her life flew by. She came into this world a bit skeptical…IMG_1234

…but with every passing year she has become a silly, giggly, joyful, mischievous, caring little person.¬†IMG_1236

Her birthday started with a whole bag of balloons. I spent three nap-times before her birthday in my closet, secretly blowing up balloons. When she came downstairs for breakfast the morning of her birthday, she was SO EXCITED about the balloons.IMG_1244

Ruby and I sang the Happy Birthday song to Clara a few times, and she would sing it back to herself, “Happy You You You You!” She sang it all day. When Ryan came home from being on call we had cupcakes and opened gifts. Here she is at the end of the day watching Milo and Otis, wearing her new fish glasses, sitting on her new potty with her new dolly, next to her new sleeping bag. This picture pretty much sums up the birthday shenanigans.IMG_1274

A few more things about Clara: The other day we were sitting on the porch while a thunderstorm rolled in. This was her face listening to thunder.IMG_1280

She has been saying a lot lately – and I can understand about 70% of it! Once she gets excited it’s harder to understand her because she talks so fast and has so much to say all at once. Here are some Claraisms:

  • “I’m all done Mommy.” (already climbing out of the bath when she still has shampoo in her hair. She always says she’s all done before she actually is.)
  • “See ya later! Bye! See ya! Bye! See ya later! Bye!” (while waving with both hands.)
  • “Paci! Blankie! Lambie! Glasses!” (These are the items she hoards on long car rides. If any one of these items is missing, it’s a bad situation for everyone in the car.)
  • “See the kids?” (whenever we are going to church, side-by-side, or the Y)
  • “Daddy’s car!” (she is always so excited when Ryan comes home)
  • “Here I come Beebee!” (she still calls Ruby “Beebee”)
  • “BALLOONS!! PLAYPLACE!!¬†ZOOOOO!!” (depending on where we are going each day.)
  • She is super ticklish and loves playing chasing games, hide and seek, and spinning in circles until she falls down.
  • Her favorite shows are Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Max and Ruby, and Bubble Guppies. She sings along with all the theme songs.
  • She loves to play with whatever Ruby is currently playing with… which causes many sisterly disputes. Clara enjoys getting a rise out of Ruby and Ruby enjoys getting Clara in trouble, which is why we’ve been doing some “double time-outs” lately.IMG_1288

I love you Clara Girl. I’m so thankful I get to be your mommy. “Happy You You You You!”IMG_1214