Weekend in Kentucky


A couple of weeks ago Ryan went skiing in Steamboat, Colorado with his dad and brother, so I drove the girls down to Kentucky so we could hang out with my Uncle Matt and Aunt Linda for a few days.IMG_9995

They were so nice to open their house to us. We explored the new Big Four walking bridge that just opened on February 7th, connecting Kentucky and Indiana over the Ohio River. It was REALLY COLD once we got up on the bridge… but Ruby and Clara were having such a great time we decided to go ahead and walk all the way to Indiana. Ryan texted me this pic while we were on the bridge… he might have been warmer than we were at this moment.IMG_0062

My girls are smarter after spending time with Aunt Linda and Uncle Matt. Uncle Matt did endless puzzles, helping the girls find the corner and edge pieces.IMG_9993

Aunt Linda spent a lot of time with Ruby in the yard learning about nuts, trees, bark and bushes. Ruby “made a collection” of holly berries that were growing near the side of the house. She decided to create a “centerpiece” which she worked on for 3 days straight. It was amazingly intricate and required special packaging for our drive back to Columbus.IMG_0028IMG_0029

My cousin Phil and his lovely wife Lauren came over on Saturday to see the girls. Clara loves Lauren, they seem to be kindred spirits.IMG_0059

IMG_0067We drew with chalk on the driveway, bounced bouncy-balls, and Phil attempted to teach Ruby how to throw a frisbee… it never got successfully thrown back to him, but he threw it to her a few times.IMG_0056

Uncle Matt washed my van for me! He won the Uncle of the Day Award.IMG_0074

As I was packing up our van and getting ready for our drive home, I remembered that there is an IKEA in Cincinnati… so I made the crazy decision to stop there with 2 children by myself. Thankfully they had a play area for kids Ruby’s height and taller (I might have used my pregnant belly and Ruby’s extensive vocabulary as negotiating tools for making Ruby tall enough to qualify). Clara and I explored IKEA and it ended up being a fun, but quick stop on our way home. The main problem with IKEA is that you realize all the things you never needed before, but now aren’t sure you can live without them. Ha.IMG_0077

So thankful for the wonderful family I have and the great relationships with Aunt and Uncles and Cousins we’ve maintained over the decades, its rare but wonderful. Thanks for letting us visit Aunt Linda and Uncle Matt! We had a great time with you and can’t wait to see you again soon!