IMG_8745Ruby turned 6 in June and will be starting first grade in just a few short weeks. She had her 6-year old birthday party at Chuck E Cheese with all the girls in her Kindergarten class. They’re terrible at SkeeBall, but they sure are cute!

These Rubyisms will give you a glimpse into the mind of my Ruby girl, and writing them down will help me remember her and all of her sweet idiosyncrasies at this age. The older she gets, the more reasonable/logical/smart she becomes… I am starting to realize how fleeting these years are with my littles! IMG_0286

Give me just a minute to have a good cry.

…ok, I’m back.


  • From the backseat I heard her say, “Mom! I found the perfect place to keep my lucky penny handy!”
  • While watching squirrels in the back yard I told Ruby she should never get too close to a wild squirrel. She replied, “He’s not wild. He’s neighborhoodish.”IMG_7534
  • Even though she’s 6, she was thrilled and amazed to realize she still fits in a bucket.
  • She loves her sister and brother and every night she prays, “Thank you Jesus for the butterflies and the rainbows and my mom and dad and brother and sister…”
  • This was the first time I ever saw all three of them holding hands. IMG_8114
  • Continuing the sibling love theme, Ruby often talks about how she is choosing to do nice things for Clara and Charlie because they’re littler than she is. “Charlie is just a baby, so I’ll let him have my pony because he just doesn’t know how to share yet.”
  • A friend of all animals – “Mom, these goats just love when I pet them.”IMG_0383
  • Signs that she’s feeling settled in our new groove in Grand Rapids, I asked her what she was thinking about, “My name is official and daddy’s hospital is official and our family is just official!”
  • She thinks we live on “Leaning Tree Lane” because of the trees near our house. Hopefully she never gets lost because that’s not the name of our street.IMG_9475
  • Hey girls! “Hey mom, We’re just having a beach out!”
  • At the beginning of summer we took the kids to the cottage. The water looks really cold, but it was warmer than the air and the kids never wanted to get back into the boat. Pure Michigan.IMG_8795
  • As much as Ruby and Clara love each other they’ve been bickering, tattling and squabbling more than I’d like to admit. Ruby makes bold statements about what Clara may or may not be doing. “What she’s trying to do is put me to work and never make me stop!” or, “Clara told me she never wants to be my sister or ever talk to me or ever look at me or be my sister ever again!”  – d.r.a.m.a.
  • While driving around running errands one morning, “Mommy, when I see Krispy Kreme I’ll yell, ‘KRISPY KREME’ and you stop at it.”IMG_7978
  • I couple of weeks ago our church hosted SpringHill Day Camp so I let Ruby go all week, when I picked her up the first day she had lost her water bottle, her swimming suit and her underwear. How does someone lose their underwear? One of life’s greatest mysteries.
  • At the pediatrician for their 4 and 6-year-old checkup Clara and Ruby were discussing whether or not they’d get any shots. IMG_8972
  • At the zoo the other day we were looking at some wallaby’s and Ruby asked, “are these real or are these robotic?”
  • “Mom, at six five central there’s a new movie on just for kids! It’s at six five central!”
  • “Mommy, I truly truly love you.” I truly love you too Ruby Dawn.IMG_8697
  • While passing a classic car show, “Woah! Look at those crazy locomotives!”
  • “Mom, your hands are probably the size of a baby gorilla’s.”
  • I found the girls working hard in their notebooks and when I asked them what they were working on Ruby responded, “We are just doing some observating mommy.”IMG_8034
  • I’ve been reading the Little House books to the girls this summer at bedtime. Ruby loves to listen to the stories – She’s been reading “Bob Books” this summer and is so proud of herself when she sounds out words and reads “really long ones!”
  • Ruby is an adventurer. She is fearless and brave and loves exploring. This photo of Ruby exploring the shores of Lake Michigan is one of my all-time favorite pictures I’ve taken of her.IMG_0192
  • Ruby and Clara have been taking swimming lessons all summer. Ruby’s instructor said she has very good breath control. She loves being in the water and seriously believes she can do the backstroke. She can’t. This is a picture she drew of Mr. Zach teaching her how to swim. I’m sure he’s got it hanging in his dorm room.IMG_8910
  • Ruby is the most optimistic person I know (other than my Aunt Becky.) While writing a note to her friend Mason she spelled his name Masin. I told her to change the ‘i’ to ‘o’ so she did, and then noticed there was a leftover ‘i’ dot on top of the ‘o’. She proclaimed, “It’s a beautiful oops mom, Dot’s on top! Ill put dots on top of all the letters!”IMG_8862

Ruby Dawn, I’m so thankful God made me your mommy. Your love for people and your joyful demeanor inspire me to not become jaded and old. I want to live lighthearted – like you do. We have quite a bit in common – I usually know why you do the things you do and exactly how you feel about things that happen, but you’re certainly your own person – striving to be the biggest and growing up too fast for my liking. Here’s to a new season – FIRST GRADE!! I’m thanking God in advance for all you will learn and grow this year. You’re gonna change the world my sweet.

Daddy and I love you so much.
Heart, Mama