Cox Family Thanksgiving

Friday afternoon we drove up to Grand Rapids to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Cox Family. We arrived in time for a quick dinner then walked over to see Santa and his Reindeer in Gaslight Village. Ryan and Chris told Ruby to ask Santa for World Peace, but when she got up there she forgot what they said and asked him for “ummmm, and that other thing.” which Mrs. Claus thought was hilarious.


Nana is the queen of the library. She always has a pile of books to read to the girls. They love it.IMG_6828

Kyle and Sarah came over on Saturday with Ellen and Abigail who were quite entertained by their cousins Ruby and Clara. Clara loves babies. She wanted to help Sarah feed them and hold them.IMG_6815 IMG_6824

This was the best pic we could get of all 5 cousins. They’re so funny. Ellen and Abigail are 10 months old now! Nana made those cute reindeer shirts for all of her grandkids. It’s the same pattern she used on Christmas shirts for Ryan, Kyle and Chris when they were little.IMG_6864

Uncle Chris has begun teaching Charlie everything he needs to know about this world.IMG_6866

It’s so fun to see my kids having fun with their Aunts and Uncles like I remember having with my Aunts and Uncles growing up.IMG_6833 IMG_6857

Charlie is so jolly. He’s pretty much the best little jolly Christmas elf in the history of the world.


Hope you and yours had a Happy Thanksgiving too!

Father’s Day at Cox Cottage

IMG_1946We spent last weekend at Ryan’s parents cottage in Michigan. Ryan’s whole family was there to celebrate Father’s Day – so I figured we should be there too, even though at 37 weeks pregnant I probably shouldn’t have been traveling too far from home… I did check with our insurance company ahead of time and found out that Foote Hospital in Jackson, MI accepts our insurance… you know, just incase this baby decided to make his debut.IMG_2022

Sarah and Kyle brought their 4 month old twins Abbie and Ellen. It was our first chance to meet the girls. Ruby and Clara could not have been more excited about their baby cousins. Sarah is doing amazing as a mom to twins. I can’t even imagine doing what she’s doing. Look at her feeding 2 at one time!IMG_2009

We took a lot of boat rides, swam off the pontoon and spent all day everyday outside.IMG_1989IMG_1936 IMG_1943 IMG_1978IMG_1934

The guys rode their bikes around the lake a few times – Ryan’s dad told me that time with all of his sons was his favorite Father’s Day gift of all.IMG_1997IMG_1954

It was such a fun weekend! The food was amazing because every dinner was fresh off the grill. Chris incorporated summer sausage stacked on cheese and crackers, which was a delightful appetizer.IMG_2008 IMG_1967 IMG_1959 IMG_2045 IMG_2068

Weekend in Granger

Last weekend Ryan was in Phoenix for a conference so I took the girls to my parent’s house for a few days. Easter came a bit early at Grammy and Papa’s house. Clara was in love with the bunny ears.IMG_0337

My Granny and Papaw came up so they could see the girls. I love that they can still play with and enjoy their great-grandchildren. We celebrated Papaw’s 88th birthday and St. Patty’s Day with green cake and shenanigans.


Ruby and Lydia are two peas in a pod. God made them cousins for a reason. IMG_0345

We walked in the woods and explored the meadow.Clara Amber 031513  1IMG_0307Clara Sheila  031513  1Ruby Amber  03 2013  Grammy's  1

Love this pic of Norah and Ruby looking out the window for wild turkeys. Norah is such a doll.IMG_0311

Being outside never gets old for these woodland creatures.IMG_0390

My dad is an incredible photographer.

Ruby  03 2013  Grammy's  4IMG_0391

I mentioned at the beginning of this post that Ryan was in Phoenix for a conference. He told Ruby that Phoenix was in the desert, then she watched an episode of Bubble Guppies about the Sphinx in Egypt, which is also a desert. A week after both of these events were rolling around in her head, she told her preschool teachers that her dad was in Egypt with the Sphinx… because he was in Phoenix, which kinda sounds like Sphinx – and he brought her a scorpion paperweight from the desert, and Egypt is in the desert… I can see why she is confused. Her preschool teachers were quite amazed by Ryan’s world travels, I cleared things up and they laughed a lot.

Thanksmas 2012

We got to spend Thanksgiving Break with the Beeson Family this year. The older I get, the more I appreciate the relationships we have as family. I’m truly thankful – more this year than ever.

Ryan and I arrived with the girls on Wednesday night. Thursday was gorgeous, so we spent time walking around my parents woods, playing in the meadow, and Ruby was loving all the piles of leaves Uncle Aaron had created with the leaf blower. “Look mom! I can’t see my boots!”

Ruby loves her cousin Lydia so much. They had non-stop fun together. This picture my dad took in the meadow is too cute. Speaking of pictures, all the Instagram pics are mine (if you don’t have an iPhone you can see all my Instagrams in real-time HERE), all the good pics are from my dad’s awesome camera.

Ryan, Tracy, Aaron and I played a few rounds of Euchre – it was an epic battle. I won’t say who won.

And of course, what would a Beeson Family get-together be if shooting guns wasn’t involved? Here’s Tracy shooting the glock, the guys shooting the 44 Magnum and my dad shooting pictures with his camera.  🙂

We also took a trip to Granger Commons to pay at the Early Learning Center Natural Playground. It was really awesome and the girls had a blast exploring, climbing, jumping, and having Grammy pull them around in the wagon.

A couple of evenings, after all the children were sleeping, we played a game called “Salad Bowl” that was absolutely hilarious. It’s a mixture of taboo, charades, and password… so funny. My favorite part was when Ryan had to act out the word “FOSSIL” and he acted like an elephant then fell on the floor. I was crying laughing. It was awesome.

My dad took the “Grand Daughters in their Christmas Dresses” picture – which I’ll save for a Christmas post. Clara thought it was more fun to stand right by her Papa’s camera than over by the tree. Here’s last year’s pics… I can’t believe how much they’ve grown in one year!

It really was a wonderful time together. So thankful for family! In closing, here’s Ryan and his beard after a morning hunting with my dad, Aaron and John. His girls were happy to have him home again.

Girls Weekend in Columbus

Ryan had a conference in Salt Lake City, UT for 5 days learning about all sorts of interesting pediatric gastroenterological things. Here’s a pic Ryan’s co-fellow Patrice took of him living it up in Utah. They had a morning to take a gondola up to the top of Snowbird then hike down the mountain. Pretty awesome if you ask me!

Since Ryan was gone, I figured it was the perfect time for a girls weekend! My Mom, my sister Angela, and my neices Lydia and Norah arrived Friday night. Ruby waited patiently out on the porch for a good 12 minutes. She was so excited to see her cousins.

Saturday morning we took everyone to our zoo. Ruby showed Lydia all our favorite animals, the polar bears, flamingos, brown bears, elephants, gorillas, monkeys, lions, and even the baby tigers (who are now big enough to be out in the exhibit instead of in the glass viewing room!)

The girls went to the farm and pet some sheep and goats. Lydia was determined to get her hands on each and every one of those sheep. She ran from sheep to sheep greeting and petting each one. It was so great. “Look out sheep! Here come Lydia and Ruby!”

We packed  a picnic lunch and stayed right up to the point when all 4 girls had reached the point of seriously needing their naps. That night, after approximately 15 tries, I managed to get a fairly good pic of all the girls together. 

The next day was sunny and beautiful at the Homestead Park! Ruby and Lydia loved the tether ball courts and exploring the path around the pond and over the bridge. These might be the last of the perfectly vibrant fall leaf colors since it’s been so windy and rainy. We sure did enjoy Fall while it lasted!

Loved loved loved our weekend together mom and Ang. I’m so thankful you took the time to drive all the way to Columbus for a visit. Can’t wait to see you guys again at Thanksgiving!

So, what’s the verdict? Is 26 pictures too many for one post? Ha!

Spontaneous Beeson Family Time

At the end of last week Ryan flew to San Diego for a conference so I decided to take the girls to Granger for a few days to hang with their Grammy and Papa Beeson. It was so great to spend time with them. John and Angela brought Lydia and Norah over and all the cousins got to play together. Adding to the wonderfulness of our time, my brother Aaron decided last-minute to fly up for a few days as well! Amazing!

One of the days we hung out in John and Ang’s backyard so Ruby and Lydia could burn some energy on the little play set. Such fun. At one point Ruby balanced like a circus bear on Lydia’s purple ball. She is getting braver, which I like and don’t like all at once.

Saturday night we went to church – Aaron and I were accidentally matchy matchy with our shirts. It was pretty funny. After church we met my dad in his office. Clara enjoyed tearing all his books off the bottom shelf and Ruby was enthralled by Papa’s microphone.

We played monopoly, (Aaron always won) walked on the trails through the woods, took the girls out to the meadow to run down the hill, blew bubbles, relaxed, and had a great few days together. Ruby got to open her birthday present from Grammy and Papa since we were all together and they wanted her to have it for the summer. A new bike! She is in LOVE with it! She calls it her “very special special bike.”

Here are the really good pics from my dad’s camera.

In closing, I’m still getting used to this wordpress blog formatting. Obviously I’m having trouble figuring out how to size my images without the text wrapping around the edges… If you have any advice for me I’d gladly take it  🙂 Thanks for reading my blog even though I’m a total amateur!

Baby Norah Girl

There are few things in this world as wonderful as holding a newborn baby’s soft squishiness. I got to meet my newest Niece Norah Dawn Keim last night and she is truly the sweetest. She makes little peeps and squeaks and slowly stretches out her arms as she yawns. She’s got the cutest dimples on her face!

My sister Angela is amazing. She is a great mom and I love seeing her with two little girls in her arms. It’s so fun to see my brother-in-law John in “dad mode”. He is a great man and all his girls love him so much. As you can see by the look on Lydia’s face, she is super excited about her new baby sister.

Ruby got to come with me to the hospital to meet Norah last night. She was enthralled to say the least. When Ruby met her sister Clara for the first time she was only 23 months old… but now that she’s older she has more appreciation for babies. She said “Awwwww” and shrugged her shoulders a lot while looking at her new cousin Norah.

Looking forward to a lifetime of love for these cousins.