First visit to DISNEY! | Spring Break 2015

After a glorious day spent at New Smyrna Beach we got up early and took the kids to Disney’s Magic Kingdom for the day. It was amazing. Aaron and Tracy have been there a bunch of times so they helped us make a game plan and get fast-passes ahead of time to skip some lines. They really are incredibly amazing to have around. We started strong with a visit to Belle’s Cottage where Ryan was chosen to play the part of a Knight in the play. He took his part very seriously. I can’t handle how hilarious he is.


Ruby and Clara absolutely lost themselves in the magic of meeting Disney Princesses in person, starting with Belle. Clara was so smitten by Belle that after coyly standing beside her for a photo she ran into Belle’s arms and held on for an extended period of time.

IMG_6320 IMG_6305

Next up was the Dumbo Ride, which Charlie couldn’t have hated more. He screamed and cried and gave himself hives from fury. Ryan, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoyed every minute flying over the crowd and laughing with Ruby and Clara. My brother Aaron took this picture, which has become one of my all-time favorites of Ryan.


Aaron and Tracy are the best! They helped navigate the ridiculous Spring Break crowds like locals… because they are. I’m so glad for the 2 extra sets of hands they offered during the hours upon hours of lines we stood in.IMG_6423

Ariel was a big hit. Ruby told her everything about everything during their brief moment sitting in Ariel’s clamshell.


We lucked out at lunchtime and got to eat in the Ballroom at Belle’s Castle even though we didn’t have a reservation. We tried the gray stuff and it was, indeed, delicious.

IMG_6368 IMG_6370

Next up was the Character Parade down Main Street. The kids were pretty much spent at this point, but Ryan and Aaron found some lemon-ice drinks that really got us through. Also, Ryan spotted an old friend from high school who now plays Belle. She waved at us… but she waved at everyone else too, so I don’t know if it counts.

IMG_6371 IMG_6403 IMG_6399

Tracy arranged a “Fast Pass” for Tinkerbell so the girls and I jetted over to her tiny woodland home and didn’t have to stand in line for too long before meeting her. Ruby introduced everyone, “I’m Ruby and this is my little sister Clara and my mom and Aunt Tracy are over there.” Clara truly believed that we had all shrunk to fairy-size and was enamored by all the huge plants and flowers everywhere. Ruby knew better, but still loved chatting with Tink.



Ryan mentioned “getting our money’s worth and blasting it from the time the park opens until it closes,” or something silly like that. Little did I know we would actually accomplish his goal. I’m the one who would plan a day at Disney based on nap schedules and bedtimes. Who have I become?!?!


Near the end of the day I got all crazy and made the decision to forgo bedtime and stay long enough to wait in just ONE MORE LINE to meet Elsa and Anna from Frozen. I knew I would regret it if we didn’t meet the girls favorite characters from their favorite movie. Tracy offered to wait in the three-hour line with the kids and I while Ryan and Aaron went to Space Mountain and stood in that line for 2 hours and 45 minutes. Tracy took this photo 49 minutes in as I was deeply regretting my decision to get in this line with three tiny kids.


Tracy was a champion. She helped me continue vision casting and reminding the girls what we were in line for. She also helped me carry Charlie who only wanted to be held. This is what the pic looked like after I said, “Hey everybody smile! Yay!”


This is how everyone really felt.


Miracle of Miracles Elsa and Anna were wonderful and the girls really did love the time they spent with them. When we came around the corner and the princesses were in view Charlie started saying “Elsa! Elsa!” which just goes to show how many times my children have watched that movie. Clara was very proper meeting Elsa. She was basically stoic – which might be because it was three hours past her bedtime, or maybe because she thought she had actually become Elsa. I don’t know, but I love everything this picture says about her in her 3.5 year-old glory.


Ruby told Anna that she could teach her to dance if she wanted. Anna happily agreed that she would love Ruby to give her a lesson. The three of them danced and giggled for a bit then hugged and posed for a picture. It really was worth the three hours of life lost in line.


When we exited Frozen it was night-time and the firework show was just beginning. The crowds were impassable and we couldn’t even make it to where our stroller was parked, let alone to where we thought we would meet back up with Ryan and Aaron, so we just stood there by the exit and watched the sky light up. Ruby and Clara loved it. Charlie was terrified. I am deaf from it all.


By 11pm we had reunited with our men and the stroller and were headed back to the parking lot. The following photos were taken before we were out of the Disney parking lot. I’d say it was a successful first visit to Disney! Hooray for making memories!

IMG_6498 IMG_6499 IMG_6500