Nothing quite like a weekend with Chris

Ryan’s brother Chris drove down to visit us last weekend and let me just say, it was really fun. First of all, Chris is hilarious. His life is like a movie – and the stories he tells about his life are unbelievable. We laughed so much and loved having him here.

Friday when he arrived we celebrated with a grill out followed by a trip to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. Ruby and Clara love their Uncle Chris.

Saturday we explored the waterfalls and hiked around in the woods all morning. It was hotter than blazes, but I love Florida, so I just imagined I was there.

After hiking to Hayden Falls, we took Chris to Indian River to show him the falls there too. Once we got there, it was all dried up – literally not one drop of water going over the falls. Oh well. Maybe next time Chris visits we won’t be in the midst of a drought.

While the girls napped in the afternoon, Ryan and Chris took a bike ride in the heat of the day. It was literally 105 degrees. Here’s the “before” pic. They were geared up and had a lot of extra water. Le Tour de France has been on TV at our house pretty much 24/7 because Ryan records each stage. Someday I will take him to France to ride his bike through the countryside… until then Ohio’s countryside will have to do.

Sunday we took Chris with us to our church and then downtown to drive past the new Children’s Hospital and Ryan’s new office, then to eat at this cool deli in German Village called Katzingers. Chris and I were matchy matchy in our greens and blues.

We loved having you here Chris! Can’t wait to see you again soon!


Saturday… a month ago.

Remember a month ago when my brother and Tracy came to visit? Well, I just downloaded more pictures and realized I forgot to blog about the Saturday they were here! Ha!

We all got a good laugh when Ryan and Aaron both showed up for breakfast wearing blue check button-up shirts. (Aaron bolted upstairs and changed shirts immediately after taking this picture.)

Saturday began with a glorious breakfast a la Ryan. He spared no expense creating incredible bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches topped with avocado on english muffins. Delish. We eat well when Ryan is the chef.

After breakfast Ryan took all of us downtown for a quick tour of the children’s hospital where he works. We got to see his office and the procedure rooms where he spends a lot of his time.

It makes me happy seeing Ryan in his element and hearing him talk about the interesting things he is learning and experiencing everyday. I couldn’t be more proud of the work that he does “to help babies tummies feel better” as Ruby says.

After our tour we went to the North Market for lunch. Its one of our favorite place in CBus, lots of good local food and finds. If you come to visit, this is probably where we will take you for lunch.