my Ryan

I should be finishing my taxes but blogging is much more fun. This morning at church I was thinking about how thankful I am to be married to Ryan. We’re almost 8 years into this marriage thing and I believe the next 8 will be even better than the first. In addition to Ryan being smart and handsome and generally fun to be around, he is so funny. Thank you Lord for giving me a hilarious husband.

It’s hard to believe we’re already 9 months into our time in Columbus! I can’t blog too much about Ryan’s job and all that he has been busy with, but I wanted to take a second to let you all know that he is doing so great. Back when he was interviewing for fellowships and we were praying about our rank list and where we would hope to match, we had no idea where we would be during these 3 years, but God knew Ryan needed to be here… and here we are.

Ryan has been working like a dog. I’m so thankful that he is truly enjoying all that he is learning and experiencing during his fellowship so far. The long hours would be harder on me if I thought he wasn’t happy. But he loves it. He is learning so much working beside some of the top GI docs in the country and they seem to really like him too! (I’m not surprised.)

“Thankful” doesn’t adequately describe how I feel about my hubby. Ryan is beyond adored by all of his girls, he is becoming the amazing pediatric gastroenterologist that God created him to be, and I’m the lucky gal who gets to help him along the journey.


Saturday… a month ago.

Remember a month ago when my brother and Tracy came to visit? Well, I just downloaded more pictures and realized I forgot to blog about the Saturday they were here! Ha!

We all got a good laugh when Ryan and Aaron both showed up for breakfast wearing blue check button-up shirts. (Aaron bolted upstairs and changed shirts immediately after taking this picture.)

Saturday began with a glorious breakfast a la Ryan. He spared no expense creating incredible bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches topped with avocado on english muffins. Delish. We eat well when Ryan is the chef.

After breakfast Ryan took all of us downtown for a quick tour of the children’s hospital where he works. We got to see his office and the procedure rooms where he spends a lot of his time.

It makes me happy seeing Ryan in his element and hearing him talk about the interesting things he is learning and experiencing everyday. I couldn’t be more proud of the work that he does “to help babies tummies feel better” as Ruby says.

After our tour we went to the North Market for lunch. Its one of our favorite place in CBus, lots of good local food and finds. If you come to visit, this is probably where we will take you for lunch.

Here carpie carpie carpie…

As promised, here are some pictures from the weekend carp-shooting extravaganza. We blamed the barometric pressure on the fact that we didn’t see many. It was a fun day, filled with polarized sun glasses, Mongo swamp water, and Johnny’s alergies.

Ryan was geared up and ready to go! As you can see by this picture, he is hilarious.

My brother Aaron is one of the only people I know who can climb trees in flip-flops. He is a natural born nature boy.

Here is the whole crew. Pictured from left to right, Ryan, Andy, Nick, Aaron, Robbie, and JohnBoy. Good Times.


Today has been pretty good. Ive been eating white cheddar rice cakes (which I love), people have been coming to pick up ceramic molds and Spoon Noodlers (which is good), and to top it all off, the sun is out. It is ony 47 degrees, but from in here looking out my office window, I have convinced myself that it is in the mid 70’s. I can’t wait for summer! I can’t wait to get my t-shirts out.

Ryan started his Surgery rotation, which will be three months of craziness for us. He will be at the hospital from 5am-7pm every day! So far, he seems to be doing well. If anyone has some tasty, easy, mostly healthy recipes they would like to share, I would gladly accept them.

Now, don’t be fooled, I am not a chef by any means….I am simply hoping to have dinner on the table 6 out of 7 nights a week for the next three months. Thank the lord for one Date Night a week! Take note that throughout our marriage so far I have not succeeded at the cooking dinner every night thing. So I am open for suggestions.

Please keep in mind that you are sending recipe ideas to the girl who was looking for scallions in the sea-food section and could not find “oleo” anywhere in the store. Keep it SIMPLE!

I am off to the grocery.

Sun & Snow

This morning Ry Face took the earliest flight out of Midway to Colorado. I didn’t realize he had booked the flight so early when we were hanging out in Michigan until 9:00 last night. Luckily, we made it back to Chicago in good time and got in almost 4 hours of sleep before I took him to the airport.
Our marriage is the coming together of two people who have opposite interests. I could spend weeks doing nothing but laying on the beach…and he will never tire of snow skiing. We have tried our best so far to accomodate eachother’s basic needs for sun and snow (as you can see from the picture below). However, I was more than happy to let him go on this particular ski trip without me holding him back.

You see, I have never been a fan of winter. I did do ski-club in 8th grade, but two trips to Swiss Valley didn’t really get me hooked on the sport. I remember sitting on the bus on the way to Swiss Valley one Wednesday night trying to figure out what in the world I was thinking when I signed up for ski-club. I decided that it wasn’t for me on the day that I crashed into a bunch of really cool snow boarder guys who were in high school. They were sitting right in the middle of the hill I was trying to ski down. I tried to tell them to “LOOK OUT! Please look out, I am coming and I NEED YOU TO KNOW THAT I CANNOT STOP!!”, but I guess they were too cool to get out of my way. So I creamed them.

After that I didn’t go back to ski club.

Ryan’s family likes winter sports. His parents took us to Breckinridge over Christmas Break…which was quite an experience for me. I was most afraid that we would all start at the top of some mountain and I would end up at the bottom miles away from everyone else. That is why they gave me a walkie-talkie. Because no one could be sure that I could stay on the path.

Ryan’s dad tried to teach me how to turn. I only biffed really bad 9 or 10 times, so I was pretty proud of myself. On the 2nd day, I started getting a little over-zealous and decided to try weaving thru some trees…which did not turn out to be a good decision. Luckily both skiis popped off so I could roll down and out of the forrest where I found myself.

All in all it was a successful trip…we all came back alive.

I miss my Ryan terribly already. He just called to let me know that he landed and the flight was great. He will have a blast this week in Colorado. He is awesome at skiing, and the fact that he is doing something that has nothing to do with medicine, well, I think its healthy.

A Quick Re-Cap

Ryan is my Handsome Hubby.
Here we are…enjoying the Spring.

When we moved to Chicago, we heard that our church in the city was going to take a trip to the Apple Orchard! We were pumped, so we signed up immediately, not knowing where an apple orchard could be in Chicago. In Michigan and Indiana apple orchards are expansive and glorious havens for apple cider, donuts, and the occasional bumble bee. When we pulled into the parking lot of the Chicago orchard we couldn’t help but laugh. It was literally 6 rows of skragly trees, none of which had a good selection. The picture reflects how many good apples we could find. The only problem was that the orchard had a 10 pound minimum…meaning we were paying for 10 lbs whether we could find that many good apples or not.

We did buy some honey, which is currently stuck in my cupboard. Honey can be like glue you know.