My parents have their fireplace going pretty much every day from November through March. It’s a good thing they live in the woods, because every now and again a tree will fall and provide them with plenty of good wood to fuel their fireplace. One afternoon during the Beeson Family Staycation, my dad got out the wood splitter and Ryan, John and Aaron went to town on some fallen trees on my parent’s property.

My bother Aaron (who is a whiz at everything) was a whiz with the chainsaw, My brother-in-law John was tossing huge logs like they were tiny twigs, and Ryan was sporting some awesome boots and shorts while he ran the splitter. I’m so thankful that I married a man who enjoyed helping my parents like this during his vacation.

My sister-in-law Tracy, my mom and I helped load split wood onto the tractor and Dad drove the tractor down the path and dumped the wood near the meadow so it could be stacked to dry for a few years while they burn through the piles of chopped wood from previous years of lumberjackin’.

It felt great to work as a team getting such a huge task completed for my parents. My mom was so happy. It makes me happy to know that she looks out her window now and doesn’t have a huge fallen tree blocking her view of the forest.


Beeson Family Staycation 2012 – InstaLife

This year the Beeson Family gathered for a week together at my parents house. Hooray for STAYCATION! We hiked, built fires, went to the pumpkin patch, enjoyed the fall weather, spent a day on the Dunes at Lake Michigan, took walks to the meadow, chopped wood, shot guns, and just had a great time being together without much of an agenda. I’m excited to post pictures this week – for today I’ll give you the Instagram version of our week together.

Here’s a look back at the last 5 years of Beeson Family Vacations.

Ft. Meyer’s Beach, FL – 2007
Glen Lake, MI – 2008
Aaron and Tracy’s Wedding, FL – 2009
Lake Tahoe, CA – 2010
Smoky Mountains, TN – 2011