Charlie is 2 Weeks Old

Charlie turned 2 weeks old on Tuesday and he is officially out of the newborn diapers and into size 1. He is already growing out of his newborn size clothing… I can’t handle it.


I was looking back at the posts I wrote when Clara was a newborn. Charlie looks JUST LIKE HER! Then I looked at the pictures I posted when Ruby was a newborn and HE LOOKS LIKE HER TOO! Shenanigans! This pic shows Ruby, Clara and Charlie as newborns… can you tell they’re siblings? Genes are amazing!IMG_2517

Ryan’s mom came on Monday to help us this week. It’s been amazing to have her here and Ruby and Clara are pretty much in hog heaven surrounded by their Nana and Grammy for the past 2 weeks.IMG_2486

Wednesday Ryan took Ruby into work with him for a few hours. She LOVED going to the big city, meeting everyone in the entire gastroenterology division at the children’s hospital, and eating lunch in the hospital cafeteria. IMG_2497

Wednesday night we left the kids with their Nana and went out for sushi. Hooray for sushi! Hooray for date nights! Hooray for Nana being in town!IMG_2525IMG_2535

I love my mom.

A few weeks back my mom came to Columbus because she is just the best! It was so great to have her here – she helped me get so much done… she watched the girls while I deep cleaned my house, distracted them with trips to the park and rides in the wagon so I could focus on cleaning for hours in a row without my curious Clara digging though my cleaning supplies. When the girls were napping, she tag-teamed the cleaning and even cleaned my microwave when I wasn’t looking. She is literally amazing. 

In addition to all the deep cleaning that was happening, we did some shopping, took some trips and had a lot of fun each day. Ruby and Clara loved taking Grammy to their zoo and showing her their polar bear friends.

One of the greatest things about having my mom here was that Ryan and I could go out for a date night without paying for babysitting. Woohoo! We enjoyed a delicious sushi dinner then met up with some of Ryan’s Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellow friends for a Columbus Clippers baseball game.

Speaking of Ryan’s Fellow friends… I failed to blog about the cookout we had with the Peds GI Dept a few weeks ago, so here is a picture of the super smart peeps Ryan is working with each day.  (The Chief of the Division is photo bombing in the back) 🙂

Love you mom! Thanks for making the drive to Columbus, but mostly for your example, encouragement and advice about all things mommish. Can’t wait to come visit you and dad in the fall!

Food. Food. Food.

We had some delicious food and got to sit around the table with some incredible people while we were in Florida. Our first stop after landing at the airport was lunch with Aaron and Tracy at 4 Rivers Smokehouse. It’s amazing. We literally drove straight there from the airport. Ha!

Saturday night after going to Summit Church and hearing my cousin Isaac preach, we met up with my cousin Joel and his wife Lizzy, Rob and Kristy-Lee, and Sterling and Rachel at Tibby’s New Orleans Kitchen. This place is all the rage. I had some kind of delicious sausage po’ boy type thing.

My face hurt from laughing so much at that dinner. Ryan was on fire with his story-telling. Joel is one of the funniest people on the planet. Joel and Ryan sat beside each other and entertained the rest of us. We laughed and laughed. Whew. It was awesome.

Sunday Ryan and Aaron fired up the grill and created a feast of BBQ and Buffalo wings. They were perfect. Seriously so so good.

Can’t forget our evening at Seito Sushi!

After fishing on Tuesday we ate an early dinner at the ShipYard Emporium (which I mistakenly called the Boat House all week)

Thursday morning I got to have breakfast at First Watch with my Aunt Becky. Spending an hour with her is like a refreshing jolt of rejuvenation. Whenever I am with her, I want to be more like her because she is seriously one of the most instinctively encouraging people on the planet. You will gain wisdom for living from my Aunt Becky’s blog. Check it out.

Also, her book “Why Her” will help you be the Daughter-In-Law you hope you’ll have / Mother-In-Law you wish you had. Read it!

Thursday night Robbie and Kristy-Lee came over for more grilling. We have annual pics of Rob, Aaron, and Ryan grilling. You can see last year’s classic grilling pic here. This year they each picked their own meat from a store called “The Meat House“. Doesn’t it sound super-manly to buy your meat from the meat house? After grilling all 3 pieces to perfection they cut them up for all of us to share. It was really great – I can’t decide which cut of steak was my favorite.

Friday afternoon we met my cousin Josh and his son Noah at 4River’s for more smokehouse deliciousness. I love getting to spend time with my florida cousins. So thankful for my family – near and far.

Pretty much we ate like it was going out of style. Ah, vacation.

The Beach + Sushi = Ridiculous Happiness

We went to the beach a few times during our vacation – and on one of our beach days, we decided to get Sushi for dinner. Going to the beach and eating sushi all in one day was seriously one of the best things I’ve ever imagined. If I could re-live this day over and over I would. I’m pretty certain my mansion in heaven is a beach house.

Aaron and Ryan found a Portuguese Man O’ War in the surf – of course, Aaron picked it up. He is one with nature.

Our favorite sushi place is Seito Sushi in Baldwin Park. We always try to save some $$ so we can eat at Seito once on every vacation to Aaron and Tracy’s house.

To our surprise, my super-generous parents gifted the 4 of us with a special envelope that said, “OPEN TOGETHER” … So we waited to open it until we got there. Here is Ryan holding the envelope on the plane on the way to FL.

Inside the envelope was a really nice note about how great it is to be together, talk, laugh and encourage each other along the path God has laid out before us as well as some cash to help us enjoy a meal together. This was not a small amount of sushi! YUM! Thanks so much mom and dad!! You guys are the best! We all love how much you love the time we spend together.