Papa Beeson

My dad is quite simply the best. I got this picture of him this morning while he was pointing out some ants on a tree while walking back from the meadow with my girls. RMB Ruby Clara 051913 1

Ruby and Clara love their Papa. I’m thankful they have grandparents who love them enough to stop along the way for teachable moments.

Here are a few more things he talked to them about as we walked:

  • he showed them a path through the meadow where the deer have worn down the grass and dirt from walking the same route so often
  • he took them all the way to the back corner of the meadow to find a honeysuckle bush blooming with sweet-smelling flowers they could pick to take back home for Grammy
  • he encouraged them as the went “up, up, up” and “down, down, down” the grassy hill.
  • he pointed out little white butterflies to chase as they flew up from underfoot
  • he answered questions about which path was the one back to Grammy and Papa’s house and which paths went other places
  • he helped Ruby stay on the path so she wouldn’t get poison ivy
  • he explained why we wear bug spray on our socks when we’re in the woods

Theres a lot to learn, and I’m so happy that my dad imparts wisdom along the way.