Beeson Family Thanksgiving

FAMILY 112813 Thanksgiving 1 4x6This year we decided to make a whirlwind trip to both sets of grandparents during Thanksgiving break. We spent approximately 1.5 days with each family and approximately 2.5 days in the car. ha!IMG_6586

We got to the Beeson Ranch on Wednesday night just in time for the blizzard. We couldn’t get the van up my parents driveway because of ice under the snow, so after failing a few times and freaking the girls out when we were sliding backwards into the woods, we decided to park at the bottom. My mom drove down the drive to pick us up in the Polaris ATV. We packed the kids in and laughed as they screamed all the way up to the house.IMG_6606 IMG_6609

IMG_6681SixKIDS 112813 Thanksgiving 1Thanksgiving day we spent time playing in the snow in the meadow. Ruby enjoyed throwing snowballs at her dad and uncles, who were busy throwing snowballs at each other.IMG_6646 IMG_6629

IMG_6616 The MEN 112813 Thanksgiving 1b 4x6I love my sister. Dad took this picture of us.IMG_6683IMG_6677Uncle Aaron built a tunnel fort out of cardboard boxes that Lydia and Ruby played in for hours. IMG_6711 IMG_6721

The little girls thought it was hilarious that Uncle Aaron tried to get in their fort with them… I love this pic of Lydia trying trying to drag him out.IMG_6703 IMG_6697

And of course, we shot some guns. IMG_6772Thanksgiving Shoot 112913 Grammy's_1

This picture of my sister is one of my favorites. Best Gela face ever!IMG_6623IMG_6724

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope your time with family and friends was wonderful as well!

Thanksmas 2012

We got to spend Thanksgiving Break with the Beeson Family this year. The older I get, the more I appreciate the relationships we have as family. I’m truly thankful – more this year than ever.

Ryan and I arrived with the girls on Wednesday night. Thursday was gorgeous, so we spent time walking around my parents woods, playing in the meadow, and Ruby was loving all the piles of leaves Uncle Aaron had created with the leaf blower. “Look mom! I can’t see my boots!”

Ruby loves her cousin Lydia so much. They had non-stop fun together. This picture my dad took in the meadow is too cute. Speaking of pictures, all the Instagram pics are mine (if you don’t have an iPhone you can see all my Instagrams in real-time HERE), all the good pics are from my dad’s awesome camera.

Ryan, Tracy, Aaron and I played a few rounds of Euchre – it was an epic battle. I won’t say who won.

And of course, what would a Beeson Family get-together be if shooting guns wasn’t involved? Here’s Tracy shooting the glock, the guys shooting the 44 Magnum and my dad shooting pictures with his camera.  🙂

We also took a trip to Granger Commons to pay at the Early Learning Center Natural Playground. It was really awesome and the girls had a blast exploring, climbing, jumping, and having Grammy pull them around in the wagon.

A couple of evenings, after all the children were sleeping, we played a game called “Salad Bowl” that was absolutely hilarious. It’s a mixture of taboo, charades, and password… so funny. My favorite part was when Ryan had to act out the word “FOSSIL” and he acted like an elephant then fell on the floor. I was crying laughing. It was awesome.

My dad took the “Grand Daughters in their Christmas Dresses” picture – which I’ll save for a Christmas post. Clara thought it was more fun to stand right by her Papa’s camera than over by the tree. Here’s last year’s pics… I can’t believe how much they’ve grown in one year!

It really was a wonderful time together. So thankful for family! In closing, here’s Ryan and his beard after a morning hunting with my dad, Aaron and John. His girls were happy to have him home again.

Beeson Family Thanksmas

Aaaahhhhhh, Thanksmas. It’s a glorious tradition stemming back to my childhood when my parents decided we would spend Christmas at my Granny and Papaw’s house and we would have Christmas at Thanksgiving with my Grandma Beeson. All my cousins and family on my Dad’s side would gather together for “Thanksmas” and the tradition has lived on since then.

My Dad made it home from Kodiak Alaska just in time for Thanksmas! Here he is with Lydia.
My mom is incredible. She made it possible for us to celebrate Tracy’s Birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas in their entirety in a mere 4 day span. She is astounding. Also, the food she made was amazing.

This year was absolutely wonderful in every way. We just relaxed, spent time in nature, shot some guns (as usual) and spent quality time as a family.

Grammy walking in the woods with Ruby and Lydia.
Ruby exploring Papa’s meadow

We also built a lot of fires. Here’s Uncle Aaron teaching his nieces how to arrange the ash to create the perfect air flow.

Aunt Gela painting Ruby’s nails.
The guys grew “Novembeards” then posed Olan Mills style for this picture. haha.