IMG_3017Clara is a little Who from Whoville. She turned 2 months ago and I still haven’t figured out which direction to comb her curly locks.IMG_2628

Clara loves to sing. She sings about all sorts of things and makes up songs to help Charlie stop crying. I think her favorite song is called “It’s OK baby Charlie” (the title includes all the words to the entire song.) She’s sugar and spice and finds great enjoyment pushing her big sister’s buttons then turning around and giving hugs and kisses the next minute.IMG_2844

Here are some recent Claraisms.

  • I told her, “I love you Clara.” She snuggled her head on my shoulder and responded, “I love me too mommy.”
  • Above all else, she is a big girl. I tell her she looks tired and she says, “I not tired, I a big girl.” If I tell her she’s funny she says, “I not funny, I a big girl!”
  • She loves pretending she’s asleep, then opens her eyes and says, “I’M AWAKE!!” when she thinks someone is looking at her.
  • She loves animals, especially fake ones who don’t get in her personal space or try to lick her face.IMG_3056
  • She calls her swimming suit her “Slippy Sloop”
  • Doc McStuffins is her favorite show and she loves giving people checkups and even says, “check your blood pressure? …looks good!”IMG_2451
  • Charlie is overly loved by Clara. “I give him one more hug.” “There’s Charlie’s nose”… or mouth or eye (as she sticks her finger in it…) we are working on being gentle.
  • Some of her most used phrases are, “I did it!” “Look at me mom!” “I feel better!” “mine!”
  • She likes to watch her shadow when she runs – which is an issue when it’s behind her.
  • Clara is super ticklish and loves having her back scratched. If I’m tickling her, she asks me to scratch her back. If I’m scratching her back, she says, “I want me tickled.”
  • When Ryan comes home from work she runs to the door and says, “Hey Hun, how was your day?”

IMG_3046In closing, she is ready to potty train and I am not. I was looking back at some posts I wrote when Clara was a newborn and Ruby decided to potty train herself before I was ready. My Uncle Matt is probably looking forward to more potty training blogs in the near future.