Florida Vacation 2013

IMG_3804A few weeks ago Ryan and I returned home from an incredible vacation in Florida with Aaron and Tracy. My parents took care of our girls for the week, so I got to spend some time catching up on sleep and getting mentally prepared to be a mother of THREE kiddos in a couple more weeks. This little break was just what we needed.IMG_1689IMG_1682

I am so thankful for the close friendship I have with my brother Aaron and my sister-in-law Tracy. Ryan and I truly have so much genuine fun when we get to hang out with Aaron and Tracy.


I’m glad to be home with my girls again. I missed their little faces and their ongoing commentary of our days. It was such a great week! IMG_1692IMG_1693

In closing, here’s a recap of our entire “Real Florida” vacation. Yay!

Cocoa Beach and Jimmy Hula’s
Kayaking at Wekiva Springs State Park
Scenic Boat Tour and The Lake House
Rock Springs Run at Kelly Park
Boating on the Intracoastal Waterway


Tubing at Rock Springs

I loved tubing at Rock Springs! It’s a real-life, natural lazy river! First we rented some tubes from the “Tube King” who had his shop conveniently located at the entrance of the park.

The water is freezing refreshing and crystal clear. The spring meanders through the forest and you can tube for a mile (about 25 minutes floating) then you walk back up to the beginning of the spring and do it again.

Our decision to get real with nature and float down a river in tubes immediately followed our day air boating through hundreds of alligators. Did we see gators while tubing? Yes. Especially Aaron who had an eye out and called “Stand Up!” when he noticed Tracy and I were floating toward one.

There were very few people at Rock Springs the day we were there. It was a little cloudy, less than 80 degrees and a weekday, the perfect day for floating if you ask me!

After a few runs the concession stand was calling our names, and we were pleasantly surprised by how good the burgers and jalapeño poppers were. The “Tube King” himself was making the food – he told us his life story while we ate our lunch. We laughed so much – especially at Ryan who seemed to always be caught up on a rock or in the weeds, at Aaron who tried to maneuver two tubes stacked on top of each other. Hilarious.


If you’re anywhere near Central Florida, you should go to Rock Springs Run at Kelly Park. It’s not just for kids… or is it?