Stormy Weather

Monday night some huge thunderstorms swept through Chicago. Throughout the evening the lights had flickered and dimmed a few times with the wind, but the power was still on, so we were happy. Around 11:30pm Ryan was brushing his teeth and getting ready for bed when I heard him say from the bathroom, “Hey Buddy” to our neighbor Bryan who was in his bathroom, in his apartment, which is adjacent to ours. (We have the ability to communicate through the bathroom fans, which can be fun at times.)

The next thing I knew, Ryan ran into our room and said “Get dressed! A tree fell on the house! Bryan’s air conditioner got knocked out of the window! He thinks it caught on fire! Hurry Hurry!” So we met Michelle and Bryan by the back door and indeed, the tree had either been struck by lightning or maybe just cracked under the wind, either way, it fell onto the powerlines, cable lines, and internet lines…and nearly hit the house.

Ryan and Bryan were running around like excited crazies. What is it about distruction of property that makes men turn into excited little boys?

Amazingly, we still had electricity at our house, eventhough our tree knocked out the power for the rest of the block. Yesterday when I got home from work the tree was completely gone, roots and everything! My first thought was “YES!! Michelle and I have enough sunny space to lay out here now and get tan!” and my 2nd thought was, “Hopefully soon the electric company will get those down power lines off of the driveway and get our cable and internet working again.”


6 thoughts on “Stormy Weather

  1. I’m glad you had the presence of mind to photograph the event for posterity! I told Michelle she really should blog, it’s lots of fun, and she does have stuff to say. But she doesn’t seem too interested! Michelle’s mom

  2. Haha…that’s so funny! Guys are odd like that. 2 nights ago, my husband woke me up at 2am to let me know he was going to “photograph” the thunder & lightning storm! I couldn’t go back to sleep with worry he’d get struck! He actually got amazing photo’s the previous storm! I’ll post some pictures of it! Hope your cable is up and running soon!

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