450 Baptized This Weekend at Granger!

I’ve been hearing and reading lots of awesome feedback from Granger’s Baptism this weekend at The Cove. This was the first time they rented 6 pools and baptized people on the baseball diamond. Thousands filled the stands to watch hundreds line up to be baptized. Anyway, it seemed to be a HUGE SUCCESS and rumor has it that the concession stands got more business from Granger than they typically do during a game!

Read story on WSJV-FOX here and watch video here.
Watch the video Corey Mann made here.
Read story on WSBT-CBS here.
Read what Monday Morning Insight said here.
Read story on WNDU-NBC here (with an option to also watch video on same page).
Read story from the South Bend Tribune here.
Read the Niles Daily Star here.
See pictures from Jason Powell here.
See pictures from Michelle Wegner here.

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