Rehearsal Dinner

The groom (Aaron) and groomsmen (Ryan, Rob and John) – in all their gloryAaron and Tracy had their rehearsal dinner at this awesome restaurant called “Fish Bones” in Lake Mary. The food was amazing, the atmosphere was equally amazing and everyone seemed to have a really great time. Both of the dads gave speeches and then opened the mic to whoever else wanted to encourage Aaron and Tracy or tell a story. If I hadn’t been a blubbering emotional basket case I would have said something…instead I just sat there and dabbed my eyes while everyone else said things.

Tracy surprised Aaron with a huge cake that tasted like chocolate and peanut butter but looked like a redfish – since Aaron loves catching redfish. I thought it was a great idea!

Ryan and I sat between John and Angela and Joel and Lizzy. We laughed a lot as Joel and Ryan talked about life as residents. Joel and Lizzy are headed from Tampa to Kansas City for Joel’s ophthalmology fellowship for a year, then back to the Orlando area after that. Lizzy is going to have a baby too – so life is pretty much overly exciting for everyone. By the way – Joel and Lizzy have one of the most entertaining blogs I’ve ever read. Here’s the link.


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