Sweet Ruthie

She would call me in college and leave messages on my dorm room phone. “Honey, its your old friend Ruthie. I was just thinking of you. Don’t call me back I don’t want you to waste your money. I love you.”
She would send me cards for even the most obscure Hallmark holidays. Inside she would always write something about being my oldest friend and always that she was thinking of me and loved me.
One time when I was home I picked her up and took her out for lunch. She tried to pay without me noticing… luckily I caught her in the act!
She had more life than some 20-year olds I know. Her life was an example of dedication to God, commitment to her church, and faithfully loving those around her with everything she had.

A car crash last week put her in the hospital with broken bones. The doctors said they wanted to keep her there for three months – much too long for a woman like Ruthie to be stuck inside. I called her room at the hospital when I heard the news. She told me, “Don’t you worry about me – I’ll be fine. I love you.” I told her I loved her too and hung up Ruthie’s phone call for the last time that night. Within a couple of days her lungs gave out and she went into a coma.

Tonight her granddaughter called to let me know that she would be taken off of life support this Thursday. It’s the right decision. Ruthie loves Jesus, her body is already gone and it’s time for her to spend eternity with Him. I know she’ll be there to greet me someday too!

But that doesn’t make it easier. I love her. She is my friend.

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