Little Swimmer

Today Ruby started SWIMMING LESSONS!! I’ve been so excited for weeks and days and hours until finally today we got in the car and drove to the pool and got in!
Ruby did so great! She was the youngest participant, but also one of the happiest. I was in the pool with her the whole time, and the teacher taught me how to hold her special ways to teach her certain things. She kicked (both legs at the same time – kinda like a donkey), floated on her back with her head on my shoulder, went completely under THREE TIMES and hung onto the wall… well, I held her hands up to the wall while she dangled in front of me. She never cried a single time and fell asleep in the car on the way home just in time for her afternoon nap.

The hardest part was figuring out how to get her out of her wet swimming suit, into her warm dry clothes and new diaper, into her car seat, covered in hats, gloves and blankets and into the car while I am standing in my dripping wet swimming suit in the locker room. It’s the middle of winter, you know.
The best news is that Ruby is destined for being comfortable and safe in the water. There are about 10 other moms and babies (6 months – 2 years) in our class. A couple of my girlfriends are in our class with their kids too. So fun. I can’t wait for next week.
I have a waterproof camera that will potentially make it’s way into the pool one of these weeks – I figured I’d get to know some of the moms and the teacher before I bring my camera along to class…

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