Easter 2012

I know it’s been a minute since Easter, but I like my blog to be somewhat in order…

We started celebrating Easter a month early when I got the “Resurrection Eggs” out for Ruby so I could teach her the Easter Story. Every day from the first time we went through the eggs, she would ask me, “Is it Easter yet Mommy?” She LOVED opening the special Resurrection Eggs to find the special symbol inside each one. Initially I planned on opening one egg each day until Easter, but then she was so excited about it, we went through all 12 eggs pretty much every day for 3 weeks. Other than her newfound knowledge of swords/whips/mean soldiers/ I think it went pretty well. I know next year when we get the resurrection eggs out again she will be excited to re-learn the story of Jesus giving his life to save ours. Friday some of my friends from Side by Side met at a park for a fun easter egg hunt. Once Ruby found her first egg, she just sat down, opened it up, and played with the squirrel-shaped eraser for a while. I tried to tell her there were lots more eggs to find and they all had surprises but she didn’t care.

I had to take a picture of this because for the first time in her life, Clara liked swinging! She was cracking up!

Sunday I got the girls all gussied up in their pretty dresses and ruffly socks for church. Ruby’s teacher told me she was very encouraging to all the other little girls in their easter dresses, telling them “Oh I just love your dress, it’s so pretty!” In closing, here is my favorite pic from Easter: Ruby lovingly gave Clara an Easter Choke-Hold after church. love.


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