IMG_1958Clara Girl is going to be 5 in a couple of months and I can’t quite get my mind around it. She’ll be starting all day everyday Kindergarten in the Fall. It’s crazy! When she isn’t watching herself dance in the reflection of the oven door, she’s playing games with Charlie, singing songs, drawing pictures and picking out outfits to wear. Preschool days are her favorite days. She loves to help me set the table and loves to make-believe that she’s a hostess at a restaurant. IMG_3753

Here are some recent Clara-isms

  • “I’m gonna sing ‘Go Tell it on a Mountain’ but a jazzy one.”
  • “When I’m at the dentist can you just go away from me? I can do it alone. I’m a big girl.”
  • “When I grow up I want to be a doctor …actually, I want to be a ribbon dancer.”IMG_1631
  • I asked how old she thinks I am, she replied, “Mom, you’re twenty big.”
  • I was helping Ruby with her homework and Clara wanted me to watch her dance, so she said, “I’m gonna do a BIIIIG twirl. This time can you say, ‘WOAH!’?”
  • We told the kids we were going to stay at a hotel for a night and Clara got a dreamy look on her face and said, “At hotels I dream about ponies, rainbows, Jesus, movie theaters…” she loves hotels.IMG_4930
  • “Hey, why are you taking a picture of me?” because I can’t help myself Clara.
  • The girls and I were talking about being mommies and Clara interrupted, “Wait. Mom. When me and Ruby are mommies we’re gonna get smooched by a dad?!?!”
  • A mo-hawk in the bathtub is known as a “bow hog” to Clara. She loves Bow Hogs.IMG_3162
  • She loves playing “kitchen” or “restaurant” and the other day I asked her what’s for dinner. She replied, “Just a piece of cake of cheese mom, just a piece of cake of cheese.”
  • Ruby taught Clara how to say “Hello” in Spanish. Clara ran into the kitchen and yelled to me, “I’m speaking cursive! Ruby teached me how to speak cursive!!”
  • Clara loves her friends Blakely, Emmi and Taylor. They’re just the cutest little buddies.IMG_1140

My Clara Girl, with her flower headband accessories and Punky Brewster street style, her sweet smile and loud laugh, reserved around crowds but a comedian around those closest to her. She’s really something special. I’m so glad I get to be her mommy.IMG_2158


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