The Office

Granger just started a new Series called “The Office” including a website where people are posting their office secrets and some great new billboards around town. These are just three of the eight designs.

P.S You have to watch the “My Cubicle” video that they showed at this weekend’s services!

3 thoughts on “The Office

  1. Hey Amber, it’s good to know that you have blog. Now I can keep up with the life and times of Amber and Ryan. Even though you guys have packed up and left us. We all miss you in 2×2. Anyway…we need to get you the contact info for Joel’s cousins who lives in Grand Rapids. I know you guys will simply love each other. It will be a match made in Grand Rapids heaven. Hope all is well!! Enjoy the rest of the summer! Vicki K.

  2. this website is hilarious…some of them make me think ‘yes, i wasn’t the the only one!’thanks for sharing, ambs…sounds like a really cool series at GCC.luv ya.

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