Bryan and Michelle

It has been WAAAAY too long since Ryan and I got to spend time with our friends and neighbors from Chicago, Bryan and Michelle. They came to town on Saturday afternoon and we went to the Apple Orchard. It’s become a bit of a tradition with them – picking apples (specifically Honey Crisp) and partaking in the harvest festivities. I called around town looking for an orchard that we could go to – did you know that most places won’t let you pick your own apples anymore? I guess insurace won’t cover it…which makes me fuming mad at the bad people who sued apple orchards when they got stung by a bee and now the rest of us can’t pick our own apples.

I found a place called “Klackles” which Ryan kept confusing with “Kankles” which are entirely different. Klackles is one of the last places in the area where we could pick our own apples…so of course, that’s where we went.

When we got there we quickly realized that this was more like the county fair than an apple orchard. We had to determine if we wanted to pay the $8 per person to enter. It was a tough decision. There were elephant and camel rides, face painting, putt-putt, corn maze, enchanted pumpkin rides, inflatable games and the apple shoot – which was pretty fun using a giant sling shot to send rotten apples smashing into targets out in the field.

We topped off our day by chugging 1/2 gallon of apple cider (Ryan LOVES cider) and eating 8 or 9 apple crisp donuts until we could hardly walk to the car. Once we got home we continued our eating with some grilled salmon and asparagus for dinner. I’m still full.


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