What We’ve Been Up To

We’re Back!! The “hook up the internet worker man” just left the house about 6 minutes ago and I have never been happier to have technology! We haven’t had TV or internet for almost a month! I didn’t miss TV (other than Ruby’s daily Sesame Street hour, which is something wonderful for everyone) but I certainly missed my internet and connecting with all my facebook and blog friends! Hi! Hi! Hiiii! Big hugs for everyone!

I’ll be posting soon about our move to Columbus, Living among the Buckeyes, How I’m Doing as a Mom of 2, and of course giving you updates on Ruby and Clara. Until then, here’s a video and some pictures to show you what we’ve been up to for the last week!

Ryan had a week off before starting Fellowship, so we spent it as a family at Cox Cottage.

And here’s a video for you to enjoy…


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