Ruby | 30-months

Ruby is 2 and a half. It’s still weird for me to see Clara wearing Ruby’s clothes… because I’m pretty sure Ruby was just 8 months old a couple of days ago. Anyway, she is 30 months old, is almost 3 feet tall and is really doing great.

I took her to the pediatrician for her 30-month check-up and when Dr. Rogers walked in Ruby looked at her and said, “You have a pretty bow in your hair!” then proceeded to tell Dr. Rogers that “we already got our flu shot, so we don’t need any shots today, but we put a band aid on it and then it was all better.” Basically repeating what I told her earlier in the day after she was concerned about going to the doctor. So funny.

Some Rubyisms worth noting:

  • she says “I promise” at all the wrong times. I’ll wake her up from her nap and she’ll greet me with a sincere “I promise Mommy.” I never know what to say. “Thanks?”
  • She loves asking everyone “Hey, what are YOU doing here?” This includes everyone from strangers at the store to Ryan when he gets home from work.
  • Max and Ruby is her favorite show. She would watch it all day every day. She laughs and thinks Max is so funny. She is learning a lot about gardening and how to be a bunny scout. Both good things I suppose.
  • Roosters say “Cock-a-little-doooo”
  • This morning she said to me, “Sorry mommy, I guess I need more practice.” which is a line from Max and Ruby.
  • She has been correcting me. I asked her if she wanted me to read the “where is my mother” book and she said, “Actually, it’s ‘ARE you my mother, not WHERE is my mother’.” She was right. I stand corrected.
  • The day I learned that Grandma Beeson passed away I cried a little and she kept asking me, “Mommy, did you fall down?” and saying, “It’s okay mommy. I’m sorry you fell down and broke your crown.”
Baby Jesus has been Ruby’s most treasured possession since we got our manger scene set up. She carries him around, holds him up to her cheek, and always checks to make sure Mary and Joseph are taking good care of him.
Some issues we’re dealing with:
  • This girl could not take a longer time doing anything before noon. She takes at least 15 minutes to get down the stairs. She sits at the top for awhile, then talks to me about how she wants to do it by herself, then starts coming down on one side, then moves over to the other side and talks about how she can just hold on to the wall, then she goes backwards on her knees for a few steps. On the days we have plans to be anywhere at any certain time I am literally pulling my hair out within 6 minutes of Ruby being awake in the morning. If I wake her up earlier, she spends 25 minutes sitting at the table chatting before she takes her first bite of breakfast.
  • She knows how to ask for things nicely, but now I am having to figure out how to teach her that just because she asked nicely doesn’t mean she always gets what she wants. “Mommy, can I have another pack of fruit snacks please?” “Mommy, just one more Max and Ruby then I can take a nap” etc etc etc. Hard lessons to learn.
  • Ruby is super-organized. I’m listing this in the “issues” category because sometimes I’m like “Woah there little lady!” when she freaks if all her books aren’t on the shelf right. The other day I left a red pen on the top of her growth chart in her room and she literally would not take her nap until I put that pen it in it’s proper location. Once I did, she was fine and went right to sleep.
All in all she’s wonderful in every way and I am so thankful to get to be her mommy. Best of all, Ruby could not be sweeter to her “Baby Clara Guuurl” and is so excited to see Clara in the mornings. She always offers to help me if I’m doing anything for Clara. Feeding her, holding her, burping her, even changing her diaper. If Clara is on the changing table, Ruby says, “Oh, let me help you mom.” then runs in her room to get her stool, puts it by Clara’s dresser, hops up and starts pulling wipes out and handing me diapers off the shelf. She’s a good little helper.

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