Rubyisms – “The Incident Report”

Ruby got her first “incident report” from preschool today.

Pretty much, her teacher noticed she had shoved a corn kernel in her nose so she asked Ruby, “do you know how to blow your nose?” to which Ruby excitedly replied, “Oh yes! I’m so so so good at blowing my nose.” She then proceeded to show her teacher just how good she was and blew that corn right out. The teacher still had to file a very detailed incident report which I will be saving for Ruby’s high school graduation party.

Here are a few more recent Rubyisms:

  • “These taste like cake!” – the first time I gave her Froot Loops cereal.
  • “I wish I was in med school mama.”
  • “Can I have a Holiday Pear?” That’s what she calls the Harry and David pears. We only get them around the holidays, so I guess that makes sense.
  • She’s really into rhyming lately, so if I say something like, “oh look! a bunny rabbit!” she replies, “No a grunny baggit!” then laughs and laughs at herself.
  • When I drop Ruby off at school she is always beyond THRILLED when we pull in the parking lot and she spots her friends. “Oh, there’s my friend! I missed her so much! Mom! There’s another one of my friends! I just love him so so much!”
  • Once we get inside to drop her in her classroom she always greets her teachers with something heartfelt and hilarious. Last week she said, “Oh, Mrs. Mills! I’m so glad you made it!”
  • She smushed a potato bug with her shoe a few weeks ago while we were hanging out on the porch. It’s guts came out and ever since then she’s been asking what other animals have guts. “Mama, do bees have guts? Do ladybugs have guts?” etc.
  • Once a month we pay our rent, so on that day Ruby gets a sucker from the lady at the bank. Pretty much Ruby looks forward to “paying the rent” all month. “But when we pay the rent I get a sucker!”

In closing, Ruby’s preschool picture is… well, it’s something. ha!

Unfortunately, Ruby was one of two students in her class who the photographer didn’t get a headshot of, just a whole body, so we had to do retakes so her face would be on the class picture page. Either way, this picture certainly gave me a good laugh.


5 thoughts on “Rubyisms – “The Incident Report”

  1. That preschool picture is awesome. Too bad they couldn’t keep that one. It is adorable! I love Rubyisms. The “grunny baggit” literally made me laugh out loud. I really think that our two little preschoolers would get along famously!

  2. What a delightful list of Rubyisms, and what a story about the corn. Her picture reminds me that our son’s school portrait was less than ideal this year (no one told him his necktie was coming out of his shirt instead of resting under the collar)…retakes are tomorrow, but he will be staying home sick. Oh well. You’re inspiring me to keep better records of my kids’ “isms”. There are some good ones! –Alison

  3. Haha I love Rubyisms!!! And I guess it’s refreshing for the people at the bank that there’s someone out there who enjoys when the rent is due!! 🙂

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