Clara’s First Birthday

Our precious Clara Dawn turned 1 on May 5th. We were in Grand Rapids for the weekend and got to celebrate her first year of life with the Cox family. Here she is being a sweetie to her Nana.

Clara is the sweetest little babe. She laughs and smiles and loves getting tickled. I can’t even wipe her chin off after meals without her thinking I’m trying to tickle her neck. It’s so funny. She has a sing-songy little voice that calls out to her “dada” whenever she hears the front door of our house open. She kicks her legs and gets super excited about everything from music to food to Ruby coming into sight. She loves music and bops around to any song she hears. She can point to her nose and head and finds other people’s noses quite interesting as well. My favorite thing is going into her room in the mornings and after naps to get her out of her crib. She goes nuts with happiness. I need to get a video of it soon because it’s just so great.

Back to her birthday party! After opening some gifts (with plenty of help from her sister) she got to indulge in her first piece of cake. Let’s just say there wasn’t a single crumble left on her tray.

Let’s just say there wasn’t a single crumble left on her tray.

Immediately following the last bite, the sugar buzz began and she started laughing, squealing, pounding her hands on her tray and kicking her legs. It was a good thing she was buckled into her seat!






We love you Clara Beara and are blessed by your life everyday. I love being your Mama and I love seeing you becoming the little person who God created you to be.


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